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How much do you know about laser Galvanometer Scanner?
Jul 24, 2018

The laser galvanometer is used in the laser profession a kind of scanning vibration mirror briefly, its specialized noun is called the high speed scanning vibration mirror Galvo scanning system.

The so-called vibration mirror, also can be called ammeter meter, it's planning ideas completely follow the ammeter planning method, lenses instead of hands, and the probe signal by computer-controlled -5v-5v or -10v-+10v DC signal replacement to complete the booking action. As with the rotating-mirror scanning system, this kind of typical control system chooses a pair of return mirror, different is, the stepper motor that drives this set of lenses is replaced by servo motor, in this set of control system, the application of azimuth sensor and the plan idea of negative feedback loop further ensure the precision of the system.

All systems have a new level of scanning speed and repeated positioning accuracy. The scanning laser system, whether used for marking and carving, is still used for micro-catheter drilling, and they all rely on the galvanometer to accurately locate the laser beam. We use reflective mirror-grade silicon substrate to produce a fit specification of the galvanometer-type mirror. We have used accurate film coating on these substrates to produce efficient galvanometer mirrors, which reflect lasers with wavelength scales between 1.0 and 12.0µm.