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  • Application of laser marking machine in qr code marking
    The emergence of laser marking machine brings better experience and more possibilities to the application of qr code.
  • How much do you know about laser Galvanometer Scanner?
    The laser galvanometer is used in the laser profession a kind of scanning vibration mirror briefly, its specialized noun is called the high speed scanning vibration mirror Galvo scanning system.
  • The principle of Galvanometer Scanner scanning composition
    The Galvanometer Scanner type marking head mainly consists of XY scanning mirror, field mirror, vibration mirror and computer-controlled marking software. The corresponding optical components are selected according to the different wavelength of laser.
  • The principle of Galvo Scanner
    Galvo Scanner principle is: input a position signal, oscillating motor (vibration mirror) will be a certain voltage and angle of the conversion ratio swing certain angle.
  • Brief introduction to the Scan Head
    The scanning Scan Head and laser are mainly used in the fields of marking and rapid prototyping. Such systems provide high quality beams, but the laser power is limited to the Watts range.
  • A warning about the galvanometer
    1. Vibration Mirror System Factory has been debugged by professionals, users must not be arbitrarily adjusted.
  • Galvanometer Scanner Installation Maintenance knowledge
    1. The heat dissipation problem of the scanning head Scanning head in the work will produce a lot of heat, the scanning head must be installed in the aluminum or copper, such as good heat dissipation bracket, and to ensure that the normal work, scanning head surface temperature can not exceed 45 ℃.
  • Application of scanning Galvanometer Scanner
    Homepage Scanning Galvanometer Scanner's application Simply speaking, the vibration mirror system is a high precision and high speed servo control system composed of a driving plate and a high speed swinging motor, which is mainly used for laser marking, laser engraving, stage lighting control, laser drilling, etc.
  • Working principle of laser Galvo Scanner
    In the laser demonstration system, the waveform of optical scanning is a kind of vector scanning, the scanning speed of the system determines the stability of laser graphics.
  • How to maintain laser scanning Scan Head?
    1, good cooling is the maintenance of laser scanning Scan Head an effective way, so in the installation of professional laser scanning vibration mirror, we should pay attention not to the inlet and outlet from the case too close
  • The solution to the distortion of the galvanometer scanning
    The pillow or bucket distortion is an inherent phenomenon of the vibration mirror marking, and the method determined by the scanning mode of the mirror is the signal correction of the distortion. There are two ways to correct the correction, one is the hardware correction, the current use of less.
  • The shaking and howling treatment method of laser marking machine
    If the failure persists, replace the laser power supply. 1.5, if it is because Q drive caused by vibration mirror jitter or howling, you should check the Q drive and q switch between the connection is short circuit, the signal line short circuit will cause this fault.