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The principle of Galvanometer Scanner scanning composition
Jul 24, 2018

The Galvanometer Scanner type marking head mainly consists of XY scanning mirror, field mirror, vibration mirror and computer-controlled marking software. The corresponding optical components are selected according to the different wavelength of laser. The related options also include laser beam-expanding mirrors, lasers, etc. The operating principle is that the laser beam is incident to the two mirrors (the scanning mirror), using the computer to manipulate the reflection view of the reflector, the two mirrors can be scanned along the X and Y axes, then reach the laser beam deflection, so that the laser aggregation with a certain power density is moving according to the required request for the marking data.

Then there is a persistent symbol on the surface of the data, and the aggregated spot can be rounded or rectangular, and the principle is shown in the right picture. In the vibration mirror scanning system, can choose vector Graphics and text, this method chooses the computer graphics software to the graph processing way, has the drawing efficiency, the graph precision is good, does not have the distortion and so on characteristic, greatly enhances the laser marking quality and the speed. A mirror-type marking can also be selected by the dot matrix marking method, choose this way on the online marking is very applicable, according to the different speed of the production line can choose a scanning vibration mirror or two scanning vibration mirror, and the preceding array-type marking comparison, to be able to sign more lattice information, about the symbol characters have a greater advantage. Vibration mirror scanning type marking because of its wide use, can carry out vector marking and dot-matrix marking, symbol size adjustable, and has a fast response speed, marking speed (hundreds of characters per second), marking high quality, light road sealing performance, strong environmental adaptability and other advantages have become mainstream products, And is thought to represent the future development direction of laser marking, with a broad vision of use.