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The principle of Galvo Scanner
Jul 24, 2018

Galvo Scanner principle is: input a position signal, oscillating motor (vibration mirror) will be a certain voltage and angle of the conversion ratio swing certain angle.

The whole process adopts closed loop feedback control, which is composed of five control circuits such as position sensor, error amplifier, power amplifier, position distinguishing device and current integrator.

Analog vibration mirror is susceptible to electromagnetic radiation interference in the surrounding environment, so there will be scattered points in the use process, line bending, filled with irregular shading and so on.

Digital vibration mirror using digital signal operation to control the motor, can effectively inhibit environmental interference, even if the working environment electromagnetic interference is serious, can be used normally. Laser scanning Vibration mirror working principle: A laser beam is reflected by two pieces of scanning mirror, and through a focus mirror. Vibration lens in the motor driven by high-speed back and forth axis rotation, to change the laser beam path. In most cases, the maximum deflection mirror is +12.5° (+10° is often a safer range) and the angle of incidence cannot be skewed to 45°.