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Brief introduction to the Scan Head
Jul 24, 2018

The scanning Scan Head and laser are mainly used in the fields of marking and rapid prototyping. Such systems provide high quality beams, but the laser power is limited to the Watts range. Today, with the advent of high-brightness lasers such as fiber lasers, disc lasers, and even the use of lower-brightness high-power diode lasers, the application of the scanning galvanometer has expanded to thousands of watts. Scanners must be competent for applications within a high power range-without affecting accuracy and speed!

This is a challenging task for scanning mirror manufacturers. Vibration mirror It is a very special kind of motor with swinging function, the basic principle is that through the wire coil in the magnetic field to generate torque, but not the same as the Rotary motor, its rotor by mechanical torsion spring or electronic method plus a reset torque, its size with the rotor deviation from the balance of the angle of the position is proportional, When the coil passes through a certain current and the rotor is deflected to a certain angle, the electromagnetic moment and the recovery moment is equal to the small matter, so it can not be like ordinary motor rotation, only deflection, deflection angle and current directly proportional to the same as the current, so the vibration mirror is also called galvanometer scanning vibration mirror, often referred to as scanning vibration mirror.